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Environment & Safety

Increasing cumulative environmental protection and social responsibility to promote consumer behavior and business operating model and the investment behavior change。The consumers prefer environmentally friendly products; The manufacturers are more inclined to use the process in the operating environment-friendly production techniques, to fulfill corporate social responsibility.


The Ko Yo Group is committed to the environment and sustainable development of society. The International Finance Corporation (part of the World Bank), under the guidance and help, Ko Yo Group's new project –Koyo Dazhou project.Who is in strict accordance with the applicable performance standards, seek to avoid or mitigate adverse environmental and social impact.


Ko Yo Group's environmental and social performance standards include environmental and social assessment and management system, labor and working conditions, pollution prevention, community health and security, land acquisition and involuntary resettlement, and many other aspects Koyo Group performance standards for future environmental and social responsibility to fulfill the Group pointed out the direction. For more details, see the IFC web site: