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Products : Bulk Blended Fertilizer

The formula of Bulk Blended Fertilizer (BBF) is presented by the institution of Sichuan Academy of Agricultural Sciences through years of research, experiments, and numerous front-line investigation.It adopts the developed technology of Spray Granulation and contributes a specialized and high concentration compounded fertilizer.

BBF accelerates the absorption of nutrients and improves the overall profitability of the crops. Koyo BBF formulation is not only based on the most widely needed nutrients- N, P and K, but also changed rapidly in the manufacturing process to accommodate special orders or customers needs according to climatic condition, soil fertility, fertilizing experience ,etc. Furthermore, combining BBF with “Fei Ban Lv”(one of the Koyo accelerator fertilizer),the crops ‘output increases at 10%-15%.It is all attribute to the mixture prescription.Achieves better efficiency with “Fei Ban Lv”(one of Koyo fertilizer brands); Environmentally friendly; Conveniently used for all agricultural production.

        Notes: the fertilizer can not contact seeds (seedling, root) directly. It is suggested to keep distance or intervals in case of burning the seeds, roots (or seedlings). Strengthen the field management and pest and disease control, and apply nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium timely if low soil fertility or inadequate fertilizer.The product should be stored in a cool dry place under rain-proof, moisture-proof, sun protection, and anti-break packages conditions.