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Senior Management

         Mr. Chung Tin Ming, aged 43, is the financial controller and company secretary of the Group. Mr. Chung is an associate member of each of the Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants and Association of Chartered Certified Accountants. Mr. Chung graduated from the Chinese University of Hong Kong with a bachelor degree in science, and received a master degree in Financial Engineering and Electronic Engineering from the City University of Hong Kong and a master degree in laws from University of Wolverhampton. Prior to joining the Group in January 2006, he was a director of Keen Ocean Industrial Limited in Hong Kong. Mr. Chung has over 20 years of related working experience in accounting and financial management.

Mr. Jiao Kangdi, aged 62, the vice president of the Group and the director for the Department of Engineering Construction. He is mainly responsible for the engineering construction of new projects. Mr. Jiao is responsible for managing and coordinating the Group’s large-scale chemical engineering projects. He graduated from Sichuan University of Science and Engineering in 1980, and further studied Economics at Sichuan Professional College of Finance & Economics in 1983. In 1989, Mr. Jiao was given the name “Excellent Entrepreneur” by the People’s

Government of Zigong City; he became a Senior Engineer in 1993; in 2000, he was given the name “Labour Model” by the Human Resources Department of China National Light Industry Department. Mr. Jiao joined the Koyo Group in 2005, before joining the Group, he was the president of Zi Gong Tongming Lighting Appliances Co., Ltd., and has outstanding ability in cost control and corporate management experiences.
         Mr. Chang Chongde, aged 50, is the vice president of the Group. He is principally responsible for the purchasing and supply of raw material required by the production process in the Group. He graduated from Southwestern University of Finance and Economics in 1984, majoring in Industrial Organization. Mr. Chang joined Koyo Group in 1999. Before joining Koyo Group, he was the officer of Planning and Construction Office of Chemical Industrial Company under Sichuan Province Chemical Industrial Hall.
         Ms. Shu Jing, aged 43, is the vice president of the Group, who is mainly responsible for the Group’s legal & administrative Affairs. She obtained a master degree in laws from Peking University in 2003. Ms. Shu joined Koyo Group in 2009, before joining the Group, she was the assistant to the general manager of Tibet Rhodiola Pharmaceutical Holding Co.
         Mr. Wen Jinfu, aged 52, is the president of the Group, who is mainly responsible for safety issues, environmental management affairs of the Group. He was a senior engineer who graduated from The Communist Party of China Sichuan Provincial Committee Party School majoring in economic management in 1996. Mr. Wen joined Koyo Group in 1999, before that, he was appointed as the deputy general manager of Xindu Nitrogen Fertilizer Plant.

Mr. Yang Lin, aged 52, is the special assistant to the Chairman of the Board of the Group and the Head of the Investment and Development Department. He is mainly responsible for the investment development and investors’ relations outside of the PRC. He graduated from Thames Valley University in 2001 with a MBA degree. Mr. Yang Lin joined Koyo Group in 2002. Prior joining Koyo Group, he served as the general manager of Sinotrans South Africa Branch.